Christina Lake Community Venture Capital Corporation

CLCVCC is an investment fund registered under British Columbia’s venture capital corporation program solely for the purpose of investing funds in businesses located in Christina Lake, BC.

CLCVCC was incorporated on August 30, 2013 and seeks to locate and create employment in Christina Lake and strengthen the Christina Lake economy.

The Board of Directors of CLCVCC oversees its investment process, is responsible for approving initial investments and reviews the performance of existing investments.

CLCVCC’s investment objectives are:

1. To contribute to the growth in value and employment of a variety of industries in Christina Lake, British Columbia by making investments in diverse ESBs located in Christina Lake, BC in the areas of:

  • Manufacturing, processing or export of value-added goods produced in BC
  • Destination tourism
  • Research and Development of proprietary technology
  • Development of interactive digital new media product
  • Community diversification
  • Clean technology

2. To achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing in a portfolio of ESBs.


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