Christina Lake Tourism Society

Christina Lake is located half way across the southern edge of the province, just north of the British Columbia-Washington border. It is considered part of the Boundary Country, the area of the province nestled between the Okanagan Valley and West Kootenay Valley regions; geographically defined by the Kettle River Valley and the Monashee Mountains.

Location and climate are two of the main attractions of Christina Lake.  Clear mountain-fed streams, clean lakes and hectares of wilderness create plentiful opportunities for recreation. Plenty of sunshine, four full seasons, and mild temperatures make Christina Lake an ideal environment for those who love the outdoors.  Christina Lake has the distinction of being the warmest tree lined lake in Canada due to hot springs deep in the lake.

Christina Lake is a community with many assets. An unincorporated village with little government infrastructure, it has risen to become a home for some, and a destination for many. Years of volunteer work by local residents have created a community which is enlightened on environmental and social concerns, and yet maintains an intrinsically small-town quality which is cherished by locals and visitors alike. These efforts have established a community whose assets are varied, yet cohesive; historical yet progressive.

The Christina Lake Tourism Society was formed to provide support to the tourism operators in the community and to focus efforts in tourism development and marketing.  The Society established some major goals in 2013 to guide our work for the next two years.

  1. First of all, attainment of the designation as an official ‘Visitor Information Centre’ was a goal set and achieved.  This allows specialized signage, employee training and materials for our Visitor Information Desk that is housed in the Christina Living Arts Centre, otherwise known as the Welcome Centre. 
  2. Secondly, the Society aims to improve its capacity for ‘inbound marketing’.  This refers to the process of reaching new visitors through the internet, now seen as the key marketing approach for tourism.  To work towards this goal, a partnership with Selkirk College’s Rural Development Institute was made to assist us to develop and adopt digital technology.  Training for tourism operators is being offered.  As well, a grant was received from the Southern Interior Beetle Action Coalition Society to assist with this process.
  3. Thirdly, the Tourism Society set the goal of becoming self-sustaining and has the following revenue generation opportunities:

·         ‘Tina’s Trading Post’ to offer Christina Lake Branded merchandise to our visitors. See these goods on this website’s shopping cart 

·         As well, a public shower was set up in the Welcome Centre for campers and bikers.  Please check in to the Welcome Centre.

·         And visitors have the opportunity to take a picture of themselves ‘jumping off the bridge’, a three dimensional floor painting of a wooden trestle bridge celebrating our area’s history. 

·         Rent a bike or a bicycle built for two at the Welcome to help support the Tourism Society’s operations. 

Membership in the Christina Lake Tourism Society is open to all businesses and organizations in Christina Lake involved in the Tourism Industry. 

For further information contact

Christina Lake Tourism Society President:  Wendy Darbyshire,

Or the Community Coordinator


250-447-6161 or 250-447-9251


  • Street: 1675 Highway #3
  • City: Christina Lake
  • Province: BC


  • Phone: 250-447-6382